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Assessment of and intervention targeting:

Emotional challenges including anxiety, depression and anger related concerns

We draw from a range of psychological therapies including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy and Narrative Therapies.


Behavioural Challenges including severe conduct problems and oppositional and defiant behaviours

Sessions are used for psychoeducation and for intervention in the areas of self awareness, self-understanding and self-compassion as well as behavioural change. For younger children, play therapy may be used to introduce specific topics and skills.


Academic and learning challenges with support provided to students in the learning environment and adults in the work place

Therapy aids in the development of safe and secure environments in which to learn and work. Additionally sessions provide strategies to aid communication, planning, organisation, focus and attention.


Social and relationship challenges at all levels from 1:1 interaction to group participation, from peer support to family systems.

Social and relationship therapy involves the development and support of social and communication skills as well as problem solving and conflict resolution strategies.

At Diverse Minds we provide therapy in the form of:

Individual sessions

For children this may involve time spent with parents to develop behavioural plans and review progress. For adults these are typically 1:1 although parent/partner support is often requested / required.


Group sessions

In the areas of communication, social and relationship skills, clients often benefit from participating in group programs.  As a part of intervention, group sessions would be recommended to enhance, practice and build confidence in skills learned through individual sessions.

Couple sessions

One of the key areas of difficulty for many of our adult clients is relationships. Couple sessions provide guidance and support to individuals within relationships where social interaction and communication challenges play a key role.


Family sessions

As there are many challenges that face individuals within the family environment, intervention may require the participation of many or all family members. Working with families to support individual relationships is a core component of much of the therapy provided by Diverse Minds Psychology.