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Cognitive abilities

  • Some young children with an ASC start school with academic abilities above their grade level.
  • There seem to be more children with an ASC than one might expect at the extremes of cognitive ability.
  • At school, teachers soon recognize that the child has a distinctive learning style, being talented in understanding the logical and physical world, noticing details and remembering and arranging facts in a systematic fashion.
  • Children with an ASC can be easily distracted, especially in the classroom. When problem solving, they appear to have a ‘one-track mind’ and a fear of failure.
  • As the child progresses through the school grades, teachers identify problems with organizational abilities, especially with regard to homework assignments and essays.
  • If the child with an ASC is not successful socially at school, then academic success becomes more important as the primary motivation to attend school and for the development of self-esteem.


Information courtesy of Professor Tony Attwood.