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Services Offered


At Diverse Minds we offer several different types of appointments that have been specifically tailored to ensure every individual receives the very best support and assistance.  If you would like further information please contact reception and we can assist you in booking the most appropriate appointment to meet your needs. 

One-off / Problem Solving Consultation  – 60 minute consultation

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This appointment is for our new clients.  If relevant some background information will be sought prior to the session to assist the psychologist in understanding the current issues and concerns.  There will be time for parents to talk with the psychologist (if client is child or adolescent) in addition to the client spending one-on-one time with the psychologist in the session.  Strategies and goals for therapy and/or an ongoing treatment plan will be discussed if required.


Neuro Assessment – child and adult packages available

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This process allows a client to clarify whether their (or their child/adolescent’s) current profile of strengths/difficulties meet the diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum (or related) Condition.

Our assessment process is very thorough, usually involving two practitioners and is tailored to the specific requirements of each client.  We offer two different packages one for child/adolescent clients and one for adult diagnostic clients.  Further details on each package are available from our  reception.

Generally the process begins with the practitioner gathering some background information. We conduct an initial consultation and ADOS testing (child package only); a follow up session and the process culminates with a feedback appointment.  This feedback session is scheduled a few weeks after the other sessions and at the appointment the assessment results are discussed.  In between these appointments ‘collateral’ information will be sought from a partner, a child’s school, another parent/carer and/or other professionals in order to assist in the diagnostic process.  Consent from the client is obtained in order to facilitate this.

A summary report is included in the child/adolescent package and is available by request (at additional cost) for adults.  Please be aware there is an additional cost for full diagnostic reports.


Standard appointment –  50-60 minute consultation

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Typically these sessions are part of an on-going treatment plan and occur either fortnightly or monthly depending on the individual case.  The number of sessions required varies according to the client’s treatment plan but on average clients attend at least 6 sessions. Therapy types include cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, schema therapy, skills training and family therapy.


Review/One-off appointmenta 50-60 minute consultation

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This appointment is for a client who may have finished on-going therapy but wishes to ‘check in’ with their psychologist or attend a problem solving session/consultation.  Review sessions are also for clients who at the completion of a group of sessions with their treating psychologist and are due for a review with Steve Den-Kaat, Clinic director.


School Visitsminimum of 2 hours

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If a school visit is required, our psychologists are available to meet with staff and/or observe the child or adolescent in the school environment.  This can be a valuable addition to the treatment plan  ensuring everyone is working together for the best possible outcome for the client.


Group Programs

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Diverse Minds offers a range of group programs that are run at various times throughout the year and facilitated by our team of psychologists.  For more details of programs on offer see Groups


Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

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Steve Den-Kaat presents regularly at conferences, workshops and seminars.  For details contact reception.