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Assessments are conducted for individuals from the age of 3 years.

Information gathered during initial appointments and assessments will be supplemented by a number of questionnaires, structured-interviews and observation scales. These are used to assess an individual’s unique profile across numerous domains – including: learning, behaviour, emotional understanding, theory of mind (perspective taking), communication skills (verbal/non-verbal), social skills, current mood and anxiety, and sensory sensitivities.


Areas Assessed

Current mental health
A combination of selected questionnaires and information gathered from the clinical interview with individuals and their parents/partners is used.

Cognitive / Learning Profile
Diverse Minds uses the Wechsler scales to assess cognitive functioning and develop learning profiles for children and adults.

Behavioural Profile
Behaviour is assessed through a clinical interview as well as selected questionnaires. Additional information may be gathered (with consent) from family members, friends, schools and work places.

Sensory Profile
Information required to aid in the understanding of an individual’s unique sensory profile will be gathered through questionnaires specific to the client’s age group.

Social and emotional understanding
Through the use of evidence based questionnaires, computer software programs and clinical interviews, we gain an understanding of each person’s level of social and emotional awareness and the areas in need of support.

Personality Profile
Through the clinical interview and questionnaires specific to personality profiles we generate a greater understanding of challenges underlying many issues for adolescents and adults.

ASD Profile
Here at Diverse Minds we have the pleasure of supporting many individuals and families affected by an autism spectrum condition. We provide assessment in the area of developmental disorders including Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Cognitive and Educational Assessments

At Diverse Minds we provide comprehensive cognitive and educational assessments using the most recent evidence base to gain an understanding of an individual’s cognitive and learning profile. Our assessments also assist in diagnosing learning difficulties, specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia and giftedness. Information gathered allows for the design and implementation of treatment plans and individualised learning plans as well as providing recommendations to assist with learning.